[ms4w-users] New User... Question about running ms4w on CD {Scanned} {Scanned}

Siki Zoltan siki at agt.bme.hu
Thu Sep 21 18:37:08 EDT 2006


I think CD version with a web server (e.g. Apache) will not work.
The web server must be registered as a service on your operaring system.
It's config files depend on the drive letter. 
Mapserver use a temperary directory for generated images in browse mode.
I can imagine shp2img can work from a cd. But it creates an image only, no 
user interface
You should use a GIS viewer software like openEV_FW for the off line 


On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Ruairi ODonnell wrote:

> Hi
> I'm a new user so sorry if this is a silly question!  I've search the
> archive and I don't see an answer to my question....so here it is:
> I'm working on a mapping project that requires an online and offline
> Map viewer.  The online version will probably use MapServer with all
> the beels and whistles (once I figure them out!).
> My concern is about the offline version.  The PCs are locked down to
> the point that I can install any new software on Windows.  So, the
> solution that I'd like is that the user inserts the Map CD and
> automatically the Web server and briwser startup and it runs without
> copying anything to the harddisk.  Is this possible with ms4w?  DO any
> of the apps in ms4w write to the disk?  If so can I reconfigure it to
> no write or change the location to the windows temp folder?
> I know how to get it to autorun and startup the server and browser.
> My worry is about the CD being read-only.
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards
> -Ruairi O'Donnell
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