[ms4w-users] How to install/configure PEAR (PHP)

Lorenzo Bottai bottai at lamma.rete.toscana.it
Wed Aug 29 08:01:14 EDT 2007

Hi to everyone!!!
I try to work with pmapper distribuited with ms4w packages.
I fall in this prblem when I tried to make a join with an external DB table.
I followed the instructions under the wiki pmapper and ....( make an 
ODBC connection with a tables putted inside a MSACCESS DB).
All these things are already done but I realised that PEAR (PHP) 
additional package will not installed by default MS4W installation. I 
followed the instruction of PEAR installation on my machine (OS XP), 
but the php simple script that use the DB.php lib does'not work 
(<?php require_once ('DB.php') ......?>) It return an error opening 
the DB.php files.
Can you help me in PEAR confiuration and installation with ms4w ?

ciao Lorenzo Bottai

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