[ms4w-users] odbc on windows 2003 server x64

Andre van Atten AvanAtten at reisinformatiegroep.nl
Mon Jan 22 08:11:03 EST 2007

Hi list,


I have troubles migrating my mapserver application to  a different
windows platform. I use mapserver 4.10.0 (Apache,
php_mapscript_4.10.0.dll) on ms4w 2.2.1 (Pmapper 3.0) in combination
with the included PEAR to connect to (nonspatial) databases with odbc.
Everything works fine on windows XPsp2. Now I'm migrating to a server
environment (Intel 64 bits, Windows 2003 server x64), and I am not able
to make connections using ODBC. Phpinfo() suggests I use a win32
library. Of course all odbc connections are made and tested and work
fine in the ODBC Data Sources manager.

All other mapserver, ms4w and pmapper functionality is working fine as
long as I don't use PEAR to connect odbc. 

Whatever I try, the following error is logged:


[22-Jan-2007 10:51:51] ===== P.MAPPER: DB ERROR =====

Standard Message:   DB Error: connect failed

DBMS/Debug Message:  [nativecode=IM002 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]
Data source name not found and no default driver specified] **

Same Connection string construct works fine on XP machine. I use system
DSN's and nor Windows Integrated Authentication , nor user/password
combination is successful.  Also trying servername or localhost or
omitting both does not make any difference..


Do I have to make additional settings to make it work on windows 2003
x64, or is the standard mapserver / ms4w /pear not compiled to work
under this configuration. Do I have to install additional libraries?



Andre van Atten


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