[ms4w-users] I need some help about "image tiling" using PostGreSQL+PostGis and MS4W

Jorge L. Batista E. pb at dic.ohc.cu
Wed Jul 4 10:33:10 EDT 2007

Hi list,
I'm using MS4W with PostGreSQL+PostGis to generate the maps [1]. Those  
maps are handled with an JavaScript API(msCross)[2].
Here, in La Havana we have a big a problem: our bandwidth is very small.  
So I have think to cut the images in small pieces "tiling" but I can't  
find how make it using PostGreSQL+PostGis. In the MapServer documentation  
I found the way to make tiles with shape files or images only. Any help  
could be bery usefull.

[1] http://sit.aplicaciones.ohc.cu/index.htm
[2] http://datacrossing.crs4.it/en_Documentation_mscross.html

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