[ms4w-users] Changing install root MS4W 2.2.4

Persaud,Bruce [Ontario] Bruce.Persaud at ec.gc.ca
Wed Jul 25 13:12:21 EDT 2007

Will doing a windows search of "ms4w" in the c:\ms4w be sufficent?
It has indicated 40 files containing A word or phrase in the file using
the word ms4w.
Thank you.


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Hi All, 

I've read the installation documentation and while it works flawlessly
as is, I've inevitably run into the issue of installing to the root C:\

To be blunt, I cannot have it installed to C:\ (or any root directory). 

Does anyone know of a list or know how to find ALL the files which need
to be edited for modified pathing? It should be the same for everyone,
apart from the new path.

Searching with Windows doesn't seem to bring up any results, perhaps I'm
doing it wrong. 


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