[ms4w-users] Instalation questions from Newbie

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Apr 3 10:34:19 EDT 2008

Sorry David, I just noticed that you mentioned C:\ms4w\ in your message, 
so you already have it installed at the root.  hmm.  Have you tried 
restarting Apache and seeing if that makes a difference?


Jeff McKenna wrote:
> David,
> My comments are inline below:
> David Marquardt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I´m installing the ms4w, on a Windows XP system.  I´m a complete novice.
>> I set my local URL as , since the installer 
>> asked for a place to set the apache, I selected the port 8010.
>> When going over the Features two (major) items have problems:
>> -When opening cgi-bin/mapserv.exe, the result is: "No query 
>> information to decode. QUERY_STRING is set, but empty."
> That's not an error.  It's MapServer in CGI mode saying that more 
> information is needed to create a map.  In fact that message tells you 
> that MapServer *is* installed correctly on your machine.
> For a beginner, I recommend that you go through the MapServer 5.x 
> tutorial (http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/docs/tutorial/tutorial)
>> -for owtchart.exe, the page will not open. I looked in the files on 
>> the C: , both are there in their proper location 
>> (C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin)  the Mapserver is only 27KB.  Is that correct?
>> As well, I downloaded the Chameleon, which now appeares in the MS4W 
>> main index.html.  Chameleon appears in the apps file, and the httpd.d 
>> is updated. Unfortunately, when I go to the index, and click on the 
>> links, none of them are activated.
> ah I know what is happening: you used the setup.exe installer, probably 
> installed it in a directory other the root of a drive, and the problem 
> is that the chameleon.zip package (and all ms4w add-on packages) is 
> configured for the root of the drive.  Until the next generation of ms4w 
> comes along (called OSGeo4w), you might just want to install ms4w and 
> all of its add-on packages at the root of your drive.
> -jeff

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