[ms4w-users] fastCgiServer with ms4w

Alexandre Dubé adube at mapgears.com
Tue Jul 8 16:32:44 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

  I'm trying to setup a fastCGIServer with ms4w and I can't figure out 
how to make it work.

  Here's what I actually did :

  - I first copied mod_fcgi.so to my apache/modules folder
  - Then, installed Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package
  - Then added to my httpd.conf the following lines :
      At line 117 : LoadModule fcgid_module modules/mod_fcgid.so
          (if I change the filename it generates an error, so I assume 
the module is loaded correctly)
      At line 420 : AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
      At line 138 : FastCgiConfig -minProcesses 2
          ( this line is to test if the module works correctly )

  - When I try to restart apache, I get the following error :

Syntax error on line 138 of C:/ms4w/Apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Invalid command 'FastCgiConfig', perhaps misspelled or defined by a 
module not i
ncluded in the server configuration

  I don't understand why it can't understand the 'FastCgiConfig' 
command, the module is supposed to be loaded...  Is there a way to know 
if the fastCgi is correctly loaded ?  Or does anybody know what's wrong 
with my configs ?  Something missing perhaps...

Alexandre Dubé

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