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Joe Nannery joealan at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 1 13:40:21 EST 2008

Thanks for the info Jeff,

Quick question, I am new to MS4W.  I have worked with MySQL a little bit, and am interested in linking features in a database to the map using xy coordinates.  My question is, are we able in the ms4w build to run mysql or do we need to go ahead and download it and link it to PHP?  Here is what it says in phpinfo regarding support:

MySQL Support: Enabled
Active Persistent Links: 0
Active Links: 0
Client API Version: 5.0.22

Joe Nannery
Joealan at sbcglobal.net

Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca> wrote: This is interesting news for MS4W users: improvements to the exe 
installer are happening (according to the stats a lot of people are 
already using the ms4w-setup.exe installer).  Here is a list of the 
current features (as of today) as well as what we hope to achieve in the 
near future:

Current Features

     * Install into any directory (e.g. C:/Program Files)
     * Specify an Apache port number
     * Install Apache service
     * Create desktop and start menu shortcuts
           o Browser localhost (using the user's default browser)
           o MS4W shell (no need to run setenv.bat)
           o Uninstall
           o Apache (stop/start/uninstall service)
     * List in Add/Remove Programs
     * Uninstaller

Desired Features

     * Include add-on packages (e.g. Mapbender)
     * Upgrading base and/or add-on packages
     * Use OSGeo4W packages


- download it 
(http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/index.phtml?page=downloads.html) and give 
lots of feedback to the list!!!


- for now, if you want to use the add-on packages you must extract them 
where you installed the base installer (if you have C:/Program 
Files/ms4w/, extract mapbender_ms4w.zip into C:/Program Files)
- for Vista, the Apache startmenu shortcuts require you to right-click 
on them and choose "Run as Administator"

I am beside myself: seeing C:/Program Files/ms4w   (ha!)

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