[ms4w-users] Installing MapServer Itasca Demo Application

Jeff McKenna jeffmckenna at gmail.com
Thu May 1 14:57:38 EDT 2008


MS4W has several packages pre-configured for your existing MS4W  
installation...which means you won't have to create folders or apache  
aliases etc.  So that means you can download the package named  
"MapServer Itasca Demo Application" from http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/index.phtml?page=downloads.html 
  and extract that AT THE SAME ROOT as your existing ms4w installation  
(in your case V:/).  Then restart Apache and look for a new link on  
the localhost page.

If you still feel lost you can always contact me directly for my  
support rates.

have fun.


On 1-May-08, at 1:28 PM, Paul Yelk wrote:

> I am totally confused!!!
> First off, which demo do I install? I see there are two:
> One titled MapServer Itasca Demo Application and another titled  
> workshop v5.0.
> It appears the Workshop v5.0 is the most current.
> Second question, in the instructions it says you need to modify the  
> index.html file,
> I see where to modify it (three places), but don't understand the  
> file paths!
> I have installed MS4W into my V drive at the root.
> At the root I have a folder titled MS4W.
> Under that folder I see nine folders with various titles.
> According to the instruction on the MS4W website, it says to install  
> application into the V:\ms4w\apps folder.
> So I guess I should create a folder, but what are the implications  
> of naming this folder?
> I think I'd like to name it ItascaDemo.
> Having installed it there would result in the path to the folder  
> being:
> V:\ms4w\apps\ItacsaDemo
> So how would I modify the index.html file to point to this folder?
> I looked in the currently installed MS4W and didn't see any folders  
> similar to those names in the index.html file.
> I have installed this on my home computer for self-learning this  
> process. I do not want or need any others to access this program.
> I plan on eventually building my application and moving it to some  
> server, but obviously need to learn it first!
> Thanks,
> Paul
> Member, WOHVA (www.wohva.org)

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