[MS4W-Users] Bls: ask about mapinfo TAB n mysql n mapserver

Rangga Negara rkn2003 at yahoo.co.id
Fri Aug 28 15:25:21 EST 2009

thanks, but i still not understand, could you give another explanation with diagram may be?

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Judul: RE: [MS4W-Users] ask about mapinfo TAB n mysql n mapserver

 Hi,                                   I think the answer is yes and no. You can render your mapinfo features via mapserver and access your database files through mysql on separate urls on same system. But to access the two from the same urls I don't think will work. Mapserver, as a package, does not come with mysql.         FRANZ.  

Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 05:34:11 -0700
From: rkn2003 at yahoo.co.id
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Subject: [MS4W-Users] ask about mapinfo TAB n mysql n mapserver

can i have query from database mysql but i use mapinfo files with mapserver ? 
i hope it can. cause i have final task in my college about that. so confuse

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