[ms4w-users] anyone has working mapbender or mapstorer package for ms4w?

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Feb 17 01:02:05 EST 2009

Hello Melvin,

you get Mapbender for ms4w at:
(Have a look at the part Applications Packaged at this link)
Please note that the Mapbender which is for download at this side is
version 2.4.3

You will get the actual Mapbender version 2.5.1.rc1 at:

Have a look at the installation documentation and follow the instructions
for the installation

If you have any questions about Mapbender feel free to ask at the Mailinglist

Best regards Astrid

On Tue, February 17, 2009 6:03 am, MeLv1n wAuRaN wrote:
> hi all,
> is there anyone that has a working package of mapbender or mapstorer for
> ms4w? or where can i download them?
> thanks,
> Melvin

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