[MS4W-Users] about ogr2ogr

Rangga Negara rkn2003 at yahoo.co.id
Sun Sep 13 18:59:34 EST 2009

i can't convert shp file to mysql, 

C:\ms4w>ogr2ogr -f MySQL MySQL:a,user=root,password= -lco GEOMETRT_NAME=SHAPE c:\ms4w\apache\htdocs\trial\peta_tab\a\a_region.shp

ERROR 1: MySQL error message:The used table type doesn't support SPATIAL indexes
 Description: ALTER TABLE `a_region` ADD SPATIAL INDEX(`SHAPE`)
ERROR 1: Terminating translation prematurely after failed
translation of layer a_region (use -skipfailures to skip errors)

i don't have any clue about that.

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