[MS4W-Users] WFS - Transaccional Support.

Ben Madin lists at remoteinformation.com.au
Wed Apr 7 10:32:16 EST 2010


If you want WFS-T, for now you need GeoServer. I'm not sure there are any plans in the short term to provide Transactional support to WFS




On 07/04/2010, at 22:55 , Orlando Solarte wrote:

> Hi Community!
> I am developing gis application using: mapserver-postgis-openlayers. I need support WFS-Transaccional, I am reading and mapserver dont support WFS-T... :(.
> I am trying geoserver, but whith geoserver  I can't modify query postgis on the fly.... or yes?
> So: I need suport WFS-T (I use openlayers) and modify query postgis on the fly. For example... show to user only his parcel: "select * from parcel where user_id=$myuser", I know $myuser on session application. So my WFS need modify query on the fly.
> How I can do this?
> Wich server mapping is beter for me?
> I hope understand me , and excuse my wrong english, it's my first language (it is spanish)
> Thank you!
> Orlando Solarte
> Gis Developer
> Popayan Colombia
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