[MS4W-Users] black background on aag/jpeg map

Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
Thu Apr 8 12:57:17 EST 2010


I have a mapfile that works with gd/gif and aag/png.  I would like to use the
aag renderer as the labels look nice.  However, with aag/png the map ends up
quite large in size -even with QUANTIZE on.  I would like to try aag/jpeg to
see if it could be a suitable alternative to aag/png.  The data layers show
up fine however, the blackground is black  (I would prefer a transparent

Can I use aag/jpeg with a transparent background?  If so what would the
correct outputformat block look like?


Mark Volz
GIS Specialist
Lyon County, MN

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