[MS4W-Users] Mapserver and Sql Server 2008 missing DLLs

Anzel, Phil - Fort Collins, CO Phil.Anzel at ftc.usda.gov
Fri Apr 23 16:01:16 EST 2010


It appears that the MapServer SQL Server 2008 connection plug-in is implemented via a DLL, "msplugin_mssql2008.dll". As of MS4W beta distribution file ms4w_3.0_beta11.zip (and possibly earlier), this DLL requires three DLLs that are not otherwise part of the MS4W distribution's directory tree. One, DWMAPI.DLL, appears to be part of Windows operating systems beyond Windows XP (which I'm stuck at for the near term), the other two, MSVCP90.DLL and MSVCR90.DLL, I presume are part of the VC++ redistributable.

Is there a known O/S dependency in the plug-in? Was lack of the VC++ DLLs an error of omission?


- Phil Anzel

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