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Not much that I know of that is GUI friendly, but the GeoMoose examples
can be set up very quickly (on windows), and the sames are designed to
be plug and play with most data.  The bigger problems seems to be
related to how the data is projected.  But once you understand how to do
one, you know how to do them all pretty much. 


>>> Bill Harbour <bharbour at bcbe.org> wrote:

Our organization has an offsite ESRI map web application and I’m
attempting to implement the some thing similar in-house with
mapserver…with limited luck.  I once used maplab years ago but now
find that it’s no longer supported.  I’ve installed it on my machine but
I’ve not had much success at getting maplab to work properly.   


Is there a tool out there that will allow me to graphically build the
map application without having to hard code anything?? 




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bharbour at bcbe.org 


"When life gets too unreal, sit down with a good book." 

- Garrison Keillor 



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