[MS4W-Users] Postgres error with FGS-Ubuntu

Fernando Sánchez García nando_gcia at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 08:26:45 EST 2010

Hello everyone, I'm new here but I have worked for a time with MapServer and Chameleon in windows, now I need everything in linux install Ubuntu 9.10 server 32bit. The case that just as there is a package for windows ms4w fgs exists for Linux that is an all in one (apache-php-mapserver-chameleon-postgresql). After installing everything and the pgadmin3 have a problem is that when running from a terminal window: sudo su postgres "user to connect to postgres and the password change after I get the following error:" Can not execute / sbin / nologin: No such file or directory ". I need to change your password because I do not know and adding a connection to the server on pgadmin asks me. Please someone I might lend a hand. 

NOTE: The user postgres and tells me he's created. 		 	   		  
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