[MS4W-Users] Adding a SLD for a WMS Service

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Feb 8 21:39:32 EST 2010

David Martinez Morata wrote:
> Hello.
> I have a map file to Serve some layers, and I need to link some layers 
> with a sld files.
> I read the SLD documentation in the MApserver web site, but i don't 
> reali understud what I'm doing:
> 1 I put in my layer defifnition
> SLD "Path/to/my/sld/file.sld"
> I try with metadatas
> "wms_sld_url" "Path/to/my/sld/file.sld"
>  "wms_sld_body" "AUTO"
> *"ows_sld_enabled"*  "true"
> But didn't works
> I modifie my sld (gvsig generated) file deleting the tags that are not 
> compatible with mapserver and I don't know what to do with...
> Any Help?

I don't have any other advice other than to follow the advice in the SLD 
document (http://www.mapserver.org/ogc/sld.html#client-side-support). 
It sounds like you have a local SLD file, so you should read the 
instructions there for using the "wms_sld_body" metadata parameter in 
your WMS Client layer (I believe the contents of that metadata is not a 
path, but all of the text in the sld document...in any case it is 
described more in the SLD document for your reference).


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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