[MS4W-Users] LocateByAttribute widtget library needed

Fernando Sánchez García nando_gcia at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 12 07:08:24 EST 2010

Hello I have installed Apache-PHP5-Mapsever-postgresql-postgis-Chameleon on Ubuntu Server 9.10 32 bit and now everything is correct. Apache returns "It's works" to do returns MAPSERVER http://locahost and typical message "No query information to decode. QUERY_STRING is set, but empty." http://locahost/cgi-bin/mapserv doing.

Now I copied my website that was scheduled in windows and I have copied to / opt / portal_web, I have edited the file "/ etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default and created:

Alias / portal_web "/ opt / portal_web / htdocs"
<Directory "/opt/portal_web/htdocs">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride None
</ Directory>

Then I restarted and the website is perfect.

I need to install Chameleon to view the maps. I downloaded "chameleon-2.6rc1.zip" and I unpacked in / opt look like: / opt / chameleon

1) Following the installation guide on the help of chameleon (http://chameleon.maptools.org/help/viewer.phtml) in installing Linux says:

"Create a temporary directory for MapServer to create and publish images. For example, create / tmp / ms_tmp /.
Configure your Web Server to be able to access this directory. For example, create a symlink from / var / www / html / ms_tmp / to / tmp / ms_tmp /.
It is recommended that a cron job be created to delete the contents of this directory on a regular basis (hourly or daily, depending on usage). "

I have created in / var / www / folder "html" and within this "ms_tmp", with this: / var / www / html / ms_tmp / and without creating the symbolic link because I want the stay there for ms_tmp example.

2) Then the guide says:

"Configure your Web Server to be able to access / opt / chameleon / htdocs /. For example, create a symlink from / var / www / html / chameleon / to / opt / chameleon / htdocs /.
Make sure directory chameleon / data is writable by the web user. This is where temporary cached capabilities and other information are stored for the duration of a user's session. "

But I think this is to see from localhost chameleon links to their samples and other things and I have not done.

3) Then say:

"Config/cwc2.xml-dist Copy the file under the name cwc2.xml and edit it to suit your local settings (the Web-based interface is not ready)."

I have edited the "cwc2.xml" and "chameleon.xml" and I placed my routes. I also edited the portal_web.pthml pitcher and I have put the correct path of "chameleon.php.

4) After you restart Apache everything correctly except Widget "LocateByAttribute.

I open it and find I get the following error:

"Warning: dl () [function.dl]: Dynamically loaded extensions are not enabled in / opt / chameleon / htdocs / widgets / LocateByAttribute / searchresults.phtml on line 68

Fatal error: Call to undefined function dbase_create () in / opt / chameleon / htdocs / widgets / LocateByAttribute / searchresults.phtml on line 438 "

I have searched and those lines are:

       if (! extension_loaded ( 'dbase'))


       $ dbasemodulename = 'php_dbase.'. PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX;

       dl ($ dbasemodulename);


therefore infer that I am missing some library. After looking on from FGS've seen that I'm missing:

"php_dbase-module: svn_trunk"

I downloaded the file "fgs-php_dbase-module-svn_trunk-linux-i386.tar.gz" and the problem is that you install the libraries. The file contine two directories:

/ www/lib/php5 / -> dbase-dbase.so svn_trunk.so php_dbase.so
/ etc / fgs / pkgs / php_dbase_module -> install.sh FGS_API_VERSION VERSION my_files.list required.list

Can you help to me? Thank you.

Fernando Sánchez García
SIG-UCO Universidad de Córdoba
Dept. Ingeniería Gráfica Y Geomática
CÓRDOBA (España) 		 	   		  
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