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Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Jan 21 10:59:32 EST 2010

Yves Moisan wrote:
> Le mercredi 20 janvier 2010 à 14:44 -0700, Brent Fraser a écrit :
>> For ArcSDE 9.3 you really need only 3 dlls (from the ArcMap SDK) to be on
>> the MS4W server:
>>   sde.dll
>>   sg.dll
>>   pe.dll
>> I copied them from a desktop computer 
> And that would be apache\cgi-bin ?

Yes, it would depend on how you are testing.  If you are testing access 
through the browser, then you will need to place the files somewhere 
that Apache can find them (open in a text editor 
/ms4w/Apache/conf/httpd.conf and look near the bottom and notice the 
various SetEnv paths used); /ms4w/Apache/cgi-bin is valid.  If you are 
testing through the commandline, then open /ms4w/setenv.bat in a text 
editor, and verify that the location you want to use for your SDK is 
listed; either add a custom location/path, or use one listed there, such 
as /ms4w/Apache/cgi-bin/


Jeff McKenna
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