[MS4W-Users] WMS imagery has transparent pixels

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Thu Jan 21 15:57:52 EST 2010

Hi think the problem is specific to using WMS and Mapserver. To my knowledge
as WMS layers Mapserver renders this RGB value always transparent. Not sure
if there are any options to change that default behaviour.
One option that would work is to manipulate your images (or instance in
gdal) and replace all 255 255 255 values with 254 254 254...I know a bit of
an ugly approach.
To my knowledge in "non-WMS" layers you will not have this problem with
Mapserver (for example try a "WMS layer" and a "Mapserver layer" in
Openlayers that should prove that if I'm not mistaken.


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