[MS4W-Users] SDE

Yves Moisan yves.moisan at boreal-is.com
Fri Jan 29 09:48:42 EST 2010

> The steps:
> ----------
> 1. Use MS4W 3.0 Beta 7 (or better when available).  The gdal_SDE.dll and 
> ogr_SDE.dll are compiled with a gdal17DEV.dll shipped in MS4W (in MS4W v2.3.1 
> they are compiled with gdal15.dll and won't work with MS4W 2.3.1).  I copied the 
> gdalplugins dir (with gdal_SDE.dll and ogr_SDE.dll) to be under cgi-bin.
> 2. Since the MS4W 3.0 Beta 7 is a zip style install, you'll need to set paths to 
> ensure Apache and mapserver can find msvcr90.dll and msvcp90.dll (they're in the 
> apache\cgi-bin dir I think).

OK.  Using MS4W beta 10, "I copied the 
> gdalplugins dir (with gdal_SDE.dll and ogr_SDE.dll) to be under cgi-bin." 
That is, I copied the directory in MS4W's Apache cgi-bin and left the
*_SDE.dll in their "ignored" sub-directory.

I copied msvc?90.dll (? = r, p and v) from my previous Beta7 install
right in MS4W's Apache cgi-bin (so I guess that means I do not have to
set paths for mapserv and Apache right?).  Jeff : should those dll's be
included in 3.0 final ?  I guess they're needed for SDE.  I can file a
ticket if you want.

I've put the sde.dll, sg.dll and pe.dll from my ArcGIS (ArcView) 9.3.1
local install in MS4W's Apache cgi-bin.  

Technically, I'm all set.  When I go to my browser, I see zilch.  Debug
5 in my mapfile and here's the error output :

[Fri Jan 29 09:35:20 2010].151000 freeLayer(): freeing layer at
[Fri Jan 29 09:35:20 2010].151000 msGetSymbol(): General error message.
Can't load requested dynamic library:
[Fri Jan 29 09:35:20 2010].182000 loadCustomLayerDLL: General error
message. Failed to load dynamic Layer LIB:

I'm pretty sure some of the information relative to the connection isn't
quite accurate, but I guess that shouldn't refrain the
msplugin_sde_93.dll to load.

Do I need a special dll to connect to 9.3.1 ?  msplugin_sde_93.dll
should suffice I guess.  Pointers appreciated.



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