[MS4W-Users] ms4w/PHP with mcrypt-Module

Ludwig Kniprath ludwig at kni-online.de
Thu Mar 25 12:26:53 EST 2010

Hi all, 
I'm running ms4w in version 3.0 Beta 10 and need to have the php_mcrypt Extension loaded. In actual PHP-Versions (www.php.net) this extension is compiled within php.exe, therefore no need for extension=php_mcrypt.dll in the php.ini and php_mcrypt.dll in the extension-Directory. 
MS4W seems to be compiled without that. 
Copying a dll from an older PHP-Version and activating this Extension in php.ini throws startup-Errors "Unable to load..." and "Unable to initialize module...". 


Where can I get a matching php_mcrypt.dll for "PHP Extension Build = API20090626,TS,VC9"?

Or even better: 

Could ms4w be compiled by default with the Mcrypt-Module? 

Thanks in advance! 


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