[MS4W-Users] Running Python under MS4W

Kenne, Bryon K. BKenne at iso.com
Fri Sep 3 07:58:55 EST 2010

I am attempting to make a python call to mapnik from PHP within MS4W.
At the prompt my script runs perfectly, but when I call from it using
exec() or any other favor of this PHP shell command (ie.
Exec(pythonpath/python.exe pythonscriptpath/script.py), it appears to
work but no results.  They python and mapnik directories are outside
MS4W.  It would be ideal for my application to call for the script in
the fashion presented above, but I am open to other suggestions.  I am
hopeful that all I will have to do is make some changes to some
configuration files.


Any suggestions? Solutions?




Bryon Kenne

ISO - Risk Decision Services 


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