[MS4W-Users] MS4W 3.0.2 released

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Apr 8 14:12:39 EST 2011

MS4W version 3.0.2 is now available, that contains an upgrade in PHP as 
well as the ability to read KMZ files. (note that this version contains 
the stable MapServer 5.6.6 release)

Here are the download links:

     Windows Setup Installer:

     Archive: http://www.maptools.org/dl/ms4w/ms4w_3.0.2.zip

As always I encourage feedback, so if you find any problems please file
a bug in the the bug tracker, noting the 3.0.2 version in your summary
(login or create an account at:
http://bugzilla.maptools.org/query.cgi?GoAheadAndLogIn=1 then search the
"MS4W" product to check for existing tickets, and then click "New' to
file a ticket).

Here is the log of the recent changes for this release:

          - upgraded PHP to 5.3.6 (ticket 2299)
          - added missing CURL_CA_BUNDLE to Apache (ticket 2305)
          - added libKML support for GDAL (ticket 2294)

Thank you for your continued use and support of the MapServer for
Windows product.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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