[MS4W-Users] Classifying rasters

Michael Smith MichaelS at abag.ca.gov
Thu Jun 2 17:29:53 EST 2011

Just a quick question regarding classifying raster display in MapServer to make sure I understand the documentation correctly. Is it true that the only way to classify raster display values in MapServer is if there is a single attribute value (pixel), or three to four (RGBA) if the raster is color?

I ask because I have a number of rasters with attribute tables that have multiple columns of attributes per pixel. I currently classify some of these rasters using ESRI software using multiple attributes to determine which color is displayed for each pixel (for example: landcov = 1 AND urban = 0 would display as red). Before going through the process of reclassifying the rasters so there is only a single range of values, or converting them to polygons, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything.

- Michael

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PS - Hello to all the Michael Smiths! Heard there were a number of us on the list when I posted my first question.

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