[MS4W-Users] run multiple versions?

Smith, Michael Michael.Smith at maine.gov
Wed May 4 16:19:14 EST 2011

We recently upgraded our MS4W to v 3.0.1 from a previous version.  It
works great now, WMS renders faster than ever.
However we also have recently taken on a GeoMoose application we really
like which unfortunately renders an error message at 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.
The group developing the app will eventually fix this, and I'd prefer to
stay within their distro and not try to fix the error and thus branch
So for a temporary situation, is it possible for me to run two MS4W
versions on one box (assuming the older version would run through the
newer version's Apache)?
Any tips on how to configure it?
Again this would be a short-term fix until the application issue is
Michael Smith
State GIS Manager, Maine Office of GIS, Maine OIT
Board Member, Maine GeoLibrary
Board Member, Maine GIS Users Group
State Rep, National States Geographic Information Council


State House Station 174
264 Civic Center Drive
Augusta, ME 04333-0174
(207) 215-5530

69 o 47' 49.5"W   44 o 20' 54.5"N 

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