[MS4W-Users] ESRI FileGDB

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Oct 12 06:50:54 EST 2011

On 11-10-11 5:29 PM, Ludwig Kniprath wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have to integrate some spacial data from ESRI's file geodatabase into
> our Mapserver/PostGIS-Environment.
> I know that ogr2ogr in versions>  1.9.0 can read and write FileGDBs when
> kompiled with the additional API (see
> http://www.gdal.org/ogr/drv_filegdb.html), but unfortunatly I can't
> compile myself and all downloadable OGR-stuff is kompiled without
> FileGDB-Support.
> Has somebody these resources or knows where they can be downloaded?
> Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

I have the ability to build GDAL/MS4W with FileGDB (I put my notes at 
http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/FileGDB).  We also did some testing 
during the WMS Benchmarking exercise, but had problems accessing FileGDB 
maps in MapServer through Apache (both on Windows and Linux...I am not 
sure if that is fixed yet or not).  I am not sure that this support is 
ready for a production environment.

FileGDB will be available in MS4W when GDAL 1.9.0 is released.  If you 
need a custom MS4W build you can always contact me directly.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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