[MS4W-Users] Newbie problem

James Screech james at cyfas.co.uk
Wed Aug 29 04:04:59 EST 2012

I've just installed ms4w for the first time as I'm looking to create an
offline OSM map server.


I've followed the instructions in Super_easy_WMS_server.pdf and have the
server running,  tests 1, 2, & 3 work however when I run test 4 or rendering
from the pre-installed shapefiles, I get a file download dialog (and unknown
file type dialog) from my browser (IE8) instead of the map being rendered.


I assume I'm just doing something silly, but I know nothing about map


Kind Regards


James Screech

Senior Software Engineer

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Unit 5, Ivel Business Park

1 Ivel Road


Beds SG17 5JU


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