[MS4W-Users] Mapcache and ArcGIS clients - any success with bug fix?

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Jun 4 13:43:22 EST 2012

Hi Mark,

I can update you on the status of MS4W and MapCache.

- MapCache was included in the 3.0.4-dev build.  A significant amount of
time was required to add MapCache into that package (quite a lot of
Apache configuring. testing and debugging, as you can imagine).  This
dev build was created so that the MapServer community can start
experimenting with MapCache.

- MapCache was not included in the stable 3.0.4 release (only the dev

- similarly MapCache was not included in the stable 3.0.6 release

- When MapServer 6.2 is released, all MS4W releases will contain MapCache

- However, if you or your organization would like to help fund my time
to create an updated dev version for the community, or a custom version,
containing MapServer 6.2-dev and MapCache, please do contact me directly.

Thanks for using the MS4W product!


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

On 12-06-04 1:51 PM, Mark Volz wrote:
> Hello,
> With MS4W 3.0.4 I noticed I was unable to get mapcache to serve to ArcGIS clients via WMS.  Since that time the author of Mapcache pushed out a bug fix.  I was just wondering if this fix has been incorporated into the new version MS4W, and if anyone has had success serving WMS to ArcGIS clients.
> Second, I also had an issue with images appearing blue in ArcGIS.  Have others noticed that problem when using Mapcache and ArcGIS?
> Here is the status of Mapcache that I have with MS4W 3.0.4:
> *WMS and WMST in QGIS: works
> *WMS in ArcGIS:  Doesn’t work, the log reported that ArcGIS tries to include ?Service=WMS in all the calls. Which Mapproxy did not respond to in 3.0.4.  This has since been corrected.
> *WMST in ArcGIS:  Works but everything is in a blue tint. 

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