[MS4W-Users] msValidateParameter(): Regular expression error. Parameter pattern validation failed.

Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH Michael.Smith at usace.army.mil
Tue Jun 12 17:22:25 EST 2012

I hate it when that happens  :)

But it bet it happens to you more often then to me!


On 6/12/12 6:16 PM, "Jeff McKenna" <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:

>On 12-06-12 7:13 PM, Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH wrote:
>> I've also seen this on my own windows builds so I think this is not MS4W
>> specific.
>> I don't see this in my linux or osx builds (haven't done solaris build
>> a while).
>Thanks Mike, my brain vaguely remembers this coming up before and I
>thought it was fixed in the MapServer source.  Not sure though.
>(I'm scared to do a Nabble search and see 'Jeff McKenna' answering the
>initial report with a solution ha!)
>Jeff McKenna
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