[MS4W-Users] how to view/debug postgis queries with MS debug informations?

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 11:43:27 EST 2012

I need to view the exact sql query performed by MS for a PostGIS layer.
I thought the DEBUG 5 level would list verbose connection and query
outputs, instead I can only see summery informations about layer processing
and rendering times.

[Wed Jun 27 18:36:03 2012].288000 msDrawMap(): Layer 3
(regioni.confini_regioni), 3.911s
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:03 2012].288000 msDrawMap(): Drawing Label Cache, 0.000s
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:03 2012].288000 msDrawMap() total time: 3.915s
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:03 2012].296000 msSaveImage(stdout) total time: 0.008s
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:03 2012].297000 msFreeMap(): freeing map at 03A75750.
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:05 2012].605000 msDrawMap(): rendering using outputformat
named AGG PNG 24 bit (AGG/PNG).
[Wed Jun 27 18:36:05 2012].608000 msDrawMap(): WMS/WFS set-up and query,

What is the right way to inspect what I need?

I need to understand where the slowness resides, because it takes too long
to render this layer, which generally happens in fractions of seconds (both
on other versions of Mapserver and Geoserver).

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