[MS4W-Users] Same map displays layer on one page but fails on another

Theobald, Charles charles.theobald at ncdenr.gov
Wed Mar 21 13:32:00 EST 2012

I have a map that displays perfectly on one page, but when called from a second page fails to draw a critical layer.  The only difference is the mapsize; 200x120 on the first call, and 470 x 250 on the second.  The first call is on the site index page, hyperlinked to the second page, so the first will always be displayed first.  I'm also getting the error "loadForm(): Web application error. Not enough arguments for mapsize.", although the url calls the exact same .map file the only difference is the size.  
We never had this problem with version 4 of the mapserver on Linux, it's only occurring on a new host, windows 2008 R2.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Charles Theobald
NC Division of Water Resources
charles.theobald at ncdenr.gov
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