[MS4W-Users] $class->status without effect

Kniprath, Ludwig Ludwig.Kniprath at wver.de
Mon May 7 05:29:21 EST 2012

Hi List!
I use MapServer version 6.1-dev (MS4W 3.0.4-dev) on my windows XP Laptop. 

I have some tileindexed multicolored raster-layers (topographical data), where I want to switch the status of some classes on demand with PHP-Mapscript

for($cc=0; $cc < $map_file_layer_object->numclasses; $cc++){
	$map_file_class = $map_file_layer_object->getClass($cc);
	$map_file_class->status = 0;

But afterwards the layer-image still has the pixels of these classes.

The same happens, when setting the status to "OFF" in the mapfile or with $map_file_class->set('status', MS_OFF); or $map_file_class->updateFromString('CLASS STATUS OFF END');
And the workaround $map_file_class->deletestyle(0); makes php-cgi.exe crash...

Any hints?


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