[MS4W-Users] MS4W -- Shapefile not drawing via mapserver

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sun Sep 30 10:23:17 EST 2012

> That lead me to see what was going on via shp2img, using "-map_debug 3"
> parameter. shp2img.exe returned to me the following responses:
> C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin>shp2img -m
>> c:\ms4w\apps\testpage\htdocs\kristenm
>> c:\ms4w\apps\testpage\htdocs\test.png
>> -map_debug 3
>> msDrawMap(): rendering using outputformat named png (AGG/PNG).
>> msDrawMap(): WMS/WFS set-up and query, 0.000s
>> msDrawMap(): Drawing Label Cache, 0.000s
>> msDrawMap() total time: 0.000s
>> msSaveImage(c:\ms4w\apps\testpage\htdocs\test.png) total time: 0.141s

Hello Kristen,

I can give some quick thoughts, but i'm out of the office this week so
others will have to followup with you here on this mailing list.  Some

- there is no error with shp2img, as it seems MapServer was never told to
draw your layer.  Make sure you have STATUS ON in your trouble layer, or
maybe use the layer switch (-l ?) to call that layer specifically with

- maybe also use the shp2img switch '-all_debug 5' instead of
'-map_debug', to see even more output

- also verify the commandline utility 'ogrinfo' can read your shapefile

- maybe set your SHAPEPATH to "./data/" (assuming that is the path from
your mapfile) and make sure your 'land_poly.shp' lives in that data folder

I hope others step in here on this mailing list with their thoughts if I
cannot reply in time.


Jeff McKenna
Director, Gateway Geomatics

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