[MS4W-Users] multiple layer urls for faster tile loading using subdomains

Michael Markieta markieta.m at gmail.com
Thu May 9 15:08:48 EST 2013

Hi all,

I want to pass 4 urls to my OpenLayers WMS layer so that the tiles can be
loaded much quicker than the current tile by tile process. In many cases,
there are approx ~50 tiles being requested when the user loads the map, or
zooms in/out.

I have 4 subdomains set up which resolve to my single source of data, a
ms4w TileCache with locally cached pre-seeded tiles.

http:/a. <http://a.myserver.ca/>myhost.ca
http:/b.myhost.ca <http://a.myserver.ca/>

However, when I set up my layers to use the 4 tile urls, Apache still
blocks and queues the tile requests and processes them one by one.

Any thoughts on how to configure Apache/ms4w to allow more than 1-2

*Michael Markieta
*GIS Consultant

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