[MS4W-Users] Any advice on mapping strategies?

Mike Brown travel.model at gmail.com
Thu May 16 19:02:37 EST 2013

Hi everyone,


I am not familiar with Mapserver, but wanted to see if anyone can offer
advice on a good platform for what we're trying to do.  Below is a link to a
geojson based map (generated from an ESRI shapefile) that shows travel time
contours, so if you select a city from drop down window, it shows how long
it takes to get from that spot to all other spots in the state of Utah.  The
trouble is that there are  a lot of polygons, so maybe we're reaching the
limit of what geojson can do.  Currently it only takes 4-5 seconds to load
on Chrome for me, but some people are having much worse experience
especially on older computers.  I've been told we'll have better luck with a
server-based mapping system, especially if the complexity of maps gets
larger.  But I love the "clean-ness" of this simple map, and the flexibility
to color polygons however we want.


Ultimately, we want to click on a polygon, and have it redraw the map with
times to all other polygons, and also refresh the bar and pie charts so you
can see how many people and jobs are within 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. of
the spot you clicked.


Any suggestions on how to manage a lot of ESRI-based features in a clean,
fast way?  (I'm the project manager, not a developer. My developers are good
programmers, but not necessarily well informed on ideal web-based mapping






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