[owtchart-users] Re: sql query to owtchart query

Daniel Morissette morissette@dmsolutions.ca
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 09:26:10 -0500

"Carlo A. Bertelli" wrote:
> Ciao Daniel,
> do you have any suggestion for an sql query to feed owtchart so to obtain a
> pie with slices of descending size?
> The syntax of owtchart seems as clear from a simple command line as it
> seems difficult to obtain via a standard sql query inside Oracle.
> Carlo

OWTChart is independent of your SQL query: you need a script to extract
the results of your query and package them as arguments for OWTChart.  I
would think that if you add an "ORDER BY ..." clause to your SQL query
then you should receive your results already sorted in the right order
and that should make it easier to obtain the type of pie that you want.

BTW, please try to use the OWTCHART-USERS list for further questions at

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