[owtchart-users] not so elegant query

Daniel Morissette morissette@dmsolutions.ca
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:43:15 -0500

"Carlo A. Bertelli" wrote:
> Could someone suggest a better way to get rid of those unuseful separators?

If you have access to a scripting environment such as ASP (VB) or PHP,
Perl, etc. then you could easily remove the extra separator.  I don't
know SQL enough to tell if this can be done in SQL directly.

> Is there a way in owtchart to use simple sql queries and still getting the
> work done?

OWTChart itself has no way to connect to a database and to perform SQL
queries.  The only way to feed it with data is via the URL the way you
are doing.  When using a more advanced scripting language (not just pure
SQL) then it is usually very easy to build the URL properly.

Good Luck.

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