[owtchart-users] single point plots

Otterson, Lynne Lynne.Otterson@scieh.csa.scot.nhs.uk
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:55:22 -0000

thank you - the Combo_HLC_Line chart now works, and I get the points marked
with a diamond.

One further query though - when the chart displays the second y-axis, the
labels are being displayed with decimal places - for example:-

y-axis 1 values		y-axis 2 values
0					0
50					50.167
100					100.33
150					150.50

I can just set YAxis2=0 so the labels don't display at all, but it would
improve the graph if the same labels could be displayed on both y-axes. Is
there any way of achieving this, given that I have to use the Combo_HLC_Line
type chart?

thanks again for all your help


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"Otterson, Lynne" wrote:
> I have now downloaded the new version, but unfortunately the charts which
> worked previously are no longer displaying!

Oopps... my mistake.  I posted an executable without testing it, exactly
what I keep telling others not to do!  Duh!  :(

I have prepared a new one and it should work this time, or at least it
works fine for me with the HLC_LINE.  You can get it at:

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