[owtchart-users] PNG Output-Files with OWTChart command-line application?

Daniel Morissette morissette@dmsolutions.ca
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 11:16:51 -0500

mapserver@geochem.de wrote:
> Dear List, 
> is there any way to create png images with OWTChart as a command-line
> application?
> The documentation only mentioned GIF Output-Files.
> Usage:  owtchart <param_file.txt> <out_file.gif>

You can use ImageType=PNG in your parameter list, this will work the 
same way at the command line and via the web.  However this parameter 
was added only around version 1.1.0 (not sure exactly which version) and 
will work only if your OWTCHART is compiled with a version of GD that 
supports PNG.

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