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Daniel Morissette dmorissette@dmsolutions.ca
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:19:34 -0500

tveeru@pondy.pon.nic.in wrote:
> With respect to my earlier problem of producing legends, I was asked to
> use the gifsample program.  How to use it.  There is no help document
> available.

It is documented in the file README_GIFSAMPLE.TXT in the download package.

> Secondly, I was asked to refer the site
> http://dsol-smed.hc-sc.gc.ca/dsol-smed/cvd/c_quik_e.html.
> I did so.  But there when I checked one sample graph, the URL is showing
> as http://dsol-smed.hc-sc.gc.ca/dsol-smed/cgi-bin/cvdchart2?
> AREA=00&YEAR=99&SEX=3&CCAUSECORE1=View+Chart&AGE=0&DATA_TYPE=A_PIE&PIE_CAUSE=008%3B002%3B003%3B009%3B018%3B109&PIE_ALL=001-
> What is this cvdchart2.  Is this the same OWTCHART renamed or is it
> something else. 

'cvdchart2' is not a copy of owtchart.  It is a custom program that 
reads the disease database and builds a HTML page in which URLs to 
owtchart and gifsample are embedded.

You'll neeed to do something similar if you want to use owtchart in your 
website: you'll need to write a script (in ASP, PHP, Perl, whatever) on 
your server that reads data from your database and produces an HTML page 
in which the owtchart URL will be embedded.

>  Could u pl. give a sample example.

"Use the source, Luke"... If you do a "View Source" of the HTML page 
produced by cvdchart2 above, you'll have examples of owtchart and 
gifsample URLs.

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