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Daniel Morissette dmorissette@dmsolutions.ca
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 13:55:51 -0500

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T.Veerappan, Sr. Systems Analyst wrote:
> I am unable to find the Readme_gifsample.txt from the zip file
> owtchart1.2.0-win32 which I downloaded recently.

Oopps... the file was not in the win32 download, it was only in the 
source code download... sorry about that.  I have updated the server 
with a new owtchart1.2.0-win32.zip that contains the README_GIFSAMPLE.TXT.

I also attached a copy of it to this message.

> What is the Luke..page.  I'm not clear.  Still not clear, with the way
> legends are produced.   Can u pl. give a simple eg.

There is no "Luke" page. :)  "Use the Source, Luke..." is an expression 
(adapted from the Star Wars movie) that we use often in the open source 
world to mean: you have the source code, look at it, learn from it, and 
extend it if you need to.

In this specific case OWTChart doesn't produce legends and I don't have 
sample scripts to offer that produce legends, but if you look at the 
HTML source of the pages that I pointed you to, then you can see the 
gifsample URLs that are used and see how the legend (HTML table) is 
organized and reproduce that yourself in your website.

I hope that helps,

  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette@dmsolutions.ca
  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

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The "gifsample" executable in this distribution is a CGI that can be used
to produce color and line samples for charts.


Here is the way the gifsample URLs should be built:

 *  The parameters for the color sample to return are taken from the 
 *  /cgi-bin/gifsample/<width>/<height>/<R>/<G>/<B>
 * /<R>/<G>/<B> are optional and behave the same way as the Color parameter
 * Optional QUERY_STRING params:
 * The default behavior with only the PATH_INFO parameters above is to 
 * generate a solid color sample.  The following QUERY_STRING parameters
 * are optional can be used to generate other types of symbology:
 * LineStyle - The sample will be a single line, using the specified
 *             pattern.  The pattern is a string in which spaces 
 *             correspond to transparent pixels, and any other character
 *             will draw a pixel of the sample's color.
 *             Passing an empty LineStyle value will draw a solid line.
 *             Also note that spaces are invalid in a URL and have to be
 *             replaced with the '+' character.
 *             eg. "..&LineStyle=xxxx++++&..."
 * LineWidth - Width of the line sample in pixels (default is 1 pixel)
 * LineType  - There is 3 types of line : ZigZag, Hatch, Line.
 *             Default is Line. All the type are influenced by 
 *             LineStyle and LineWidth.
 * HatchType - Type of hatch (Default is 1):
 *             1 : Slash
 *             2 : Backslash
 *             3 : Horizontal
 *             4 : Vertical
 *             5 : XXXXX
 *             6 : +++++
 * HatchSpacing - Space between line in pixels in the Hatch type (default = 4)
 * SymbolID  - Type of symbol (no default): 
 *             1 : square
 *             2 : circle
 *             3 : triangle
 *             4 : plus (+)
 *             5 : star
 *             6 : dot (filled circle)
 * SymbolSize- Size of the symbol called by SymbolID (in pixels).
 *             The biggest symbol that can enter in the gif is the default
 * Color     - Fore color in RGB (FFFFFF) method (Default is black)
 *             if only this parameter is passed it's the background 
 *             color too
 * BgColor   - Background color of the gif.Default is a transparent white.
 * Outline   - The color of the border around the image. These parameter
 *             must be passed to have a border. His width is 1 pixel.
 * Corner    - Remove 1 pixel at each corner of the image. If the browser
 *             don't support transparency the corner color will be the color
 *             passed in parameter (Ex : Corner=FFFFFF will make black corner).

$Id: README_GIFSAMPLE.TXT,v 1.1 2003/01/30 03:23:54 daniel Exp $