[owtchart-users] write URL request to a .gif file

acadeddu at crs4.it acadeddu at crs4.it
Sat Jan 22 09:06:24 EST 2005


I'm writing because I want use owtchart to generating graph and 
outputting it in a pdf file. I'm using PHP.
I'm able to assemble the information into a URL for the online owtchart 
service but I can't save the image in a "tmp" directory as a ".gif 
file", and then print it in a .pdf doc.
I will be grateful if someone help me to manage, using php script, a 
URL string request like this(http://localhost/cgi-bin/owtchart?
TYPE=3DBar&VALS=$val&NumPts=5) for fetch image and write it to file.

Thanks very much.
Alessandro Cadeddu

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