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Notes below.

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> When Atef Elassal wrote GCTP, his objective was to translate John P.
> to FORTRAN 77.  He did a superb job for the needs of the U.S. Geological
> Survey at the time.

I don't believe the first version was in 77.  The one I got was in 360, G
compiler version uncompilable on non-big Blue machines.  The 77 stuff
that came out later was not so hot either but that's a long story.

> Note that the NADCON algorithm is great for the U.S., but what about
> & Mexico?  I believe "Geomatics Canada" has a hefty price tag on their
> transformation package for Maple Leaf applications.  Have you seen the
> eye-popping prices charged by the Norwegians for their datum shift
> I think only the U.S. and Australia give their stuff out for free.  South
> Africa's solution is privately marketed by Prof. Charles Merry at the
> University of Capetown.

The US is pretty unique in feeling that the taxpayers have already paid
for the job.  Lots of countries also copyright their maps.  US does not.

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