[OSRS-PROJ] Datum Shifting

Gerald I. Evenden gevenden at capecod.net
Wed Jul 5 16:01:28 EDT 2000

These comments remind me: a general libdatum (or buried in libproj) package
is a can of worms that pales simple cartographic projections.  Although
keywords are usable for some Molodensky-like transformations, others
like the polynomial and NGS's grid method require alternate input.

A lot of this is why I didn't persue the subject 10-15 years ago and
paid no more attention than the nad2nad program which was easily
adapted from NGS sources.  At that time info was hard to find
(especially in the outback regions of Woods Hole) and much of it
seem locked in secretive vaults.  I did get various pieces of software
from several kind folks but I was never sure of their pedigree and
was afraid to use or distribute any of it.  The USGS/NMD never
seemed to touch the outside world so it was useless at the time.

A *lot of luck* to whoever wants to put together the computational
part of the datum shift software.  Bit I think the front end could be
a relative piece of cake.

Jerry Evenden and the Low Riders, Katie and  Daisy May
gevenden at capecod.net  http://www.capecod.net/~gevenden
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> > 3-parameter and 7-parameter methods.  In actuality, there is a
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