[OSRS-PROJ] Using NAD27/NAD83 datum in the DLL

Bart Adriaanse B at rt.nl
Thu Apr 12 16:03:15 EDT 2001

With some help earlier from Frank i compiled the DLL for windows and i am
using the pj_transform to do the coordinate transformations, it works very
well sofar !

Now how would i go about using NAD in this scenario, i suppose i will need
to call nad_init to read the NAD data file but can i have both of them
loaded at the same ? and would this be sufficient to be able to convert like
wgs84 to nad83 just by specifying the datum name in pj_init ?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated,

Sorry if this is documented someplace, i tried, but could not find it,

Bart Adriaanse,
Demis Bv
The Netherlands

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