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Petri J. Riipinen petri.riipinen at nic.fi
Sat Jul 28 08:28:21 EDT 2001

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Frank & others,

Well, you know what, it might be the datum after all... I found this one 
Finnish web-page where it says like this:

"The location of the center of Finland-Hayword ellipsoid differs from 
WGS-84-ellipsoid center as follows:
X-axis direction 78 m
Y-axis direction 231 m
Z-axis direction 97 m.

Those figures have been published 1989-1998, after 1996 the published 
numbers are:
X-axis direction 74.8 m
Y-axis direction 229.2 m
Z-axis direction 90.4 m"

So, might the problem be such that the the example map (that did in fact 
come from Finnish Naional Land Survey-office) contains a wrong MapInfo- 
ellipse code (-89,-98,-121). Maybe the number 28-ellipse isn't quite 
correct when doing GPS-transformation from WGS84 to KKJ.

You see, I tried the above values instead of the ones you gave me and now I 
get 0.5-0.9 m error in X-coordinate and 1.1 - 1.6 m error in Y-coordinate 
when I compare the results with the few reference coordinates that you saw 
earlier as well. I think that this is accurate enough for my needs.

Yes, I could code the WGS84->KKJ by hand, but I want to be prepared to 
handle also other Scandinavian translations so I'd like to use PROJ.4 from 
the beginning.

- Petri

At 21:49 27.7.2001 , Frank Warmerdam wrote:
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>"Petri J. Riipinen" wrote:
> >
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> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > Hmm... I might be out of my league now, but do you think that the
> > inaccuracy might come from the datum shift? I just learned that there are
> > 3- and 7-parameter shifts. Should a 7-parameter shift be used for a better
> > accuracy?
> >
> > At least in this page:
> > http://www.kms.dk/research/geodesy/reference/cotrans1_en.html there seems
> > to be 7 parameters for WGS84 - ED50 - transformation. Would this help?
> >
> > On this page: http://www.nls.fi/kartta/julkaisu/kkj.html there is some
> > (IMO) simple transformation formula. Do you think that this formula would
> > give me good enough results, if I can't get PROJ.4 to be accurate enough?
> > At the end of the page there is some example that might be a good reference
> > point when trying the transformations with cs2cs.
>The difference could be datum shift related, but it seems pretty significant
>for being the datum.  You could of course build this transformation directly
>into your package by hand if you will only ever be interested in KKJ/WGS84
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