[OSRS-PROJ] lcc projection

Emmanuel Verlynde EVerlynde at isagri.fr
Tue May 15 03:38:13 EDT 2001

i need to convert geodesic coordinates Lat/Long from misc GPS in european, north-african and east states.

they're use different geodesic system wgs84, ntf, rgf93, etrs89... and want planar coordinates in a lot of projection planar system like UTM, Gauss Krüger, Lambert belge 72, Gauss Boaga, lambert 2 étendu, Bessel, etc.

i try to use proj4 in .lib format compiled in a windows executable project, and now i have succed to call projection function but results are bad.

ex:    GPS (WGS84, Lat/Lon)       =>          Lambert2 étendu (NTF)
                      0.0/0.0                           259283.17194/-3387561.891

instead of => 600.0/-3546.0974626


static char *parms[] = {"proj=lcc","ellps=clrk80","lat_0=46d8'0.0\"",
   putenv ("PROJ_LIB=C:\\Temp\\proj-4.4.3\\ess");
   if (ref = pj_init(sizeof(parms)/sizeof(char*), parms))
      data.u = 0 * DEG_TO_RAD;       // latitude
      data.v = 0 * DEG_TO_RAD;      // longitude
      data = pj_fwd(data, ref);


maybe it's due to mistake in ellipsoïde parameter? can i take to proj4 an ellipsoïd's excentricity (l2+: e=0.08248325676)?

someone can help me to give projection parameter example in utm, gauss, bessel, lambert 2 or 72 of geodesic parameter from GPS in WGS84 or another system...

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