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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Sep 18 20:54:55 EDT 2001

Marc Pelletier wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone tell me about commercial apps using Proj4 for their 
> projection engine? I'm trying to make a case against roll-our-own for my 
> boss.


Well, whether it makes sense to roll your own or not depends on alot of
factors.  However, I would stress that few geospatial software companies
roll their complete own projections library.  If you want to support a variety
of projections it can be difficult to do well.

I don't know about complete sorries about these companies, but I do know that
Global Geomatics, Avenza, Softmap, and Cubewerx all use portions of PROJ.4
in their software.  I also know that some of the "mainline" GIS and
Geospatial software companies used adapted forms of other public libraries,
such as GCTP at PCI.  A number of vendors also use commercial projections
libraries from Blue Marble and Mentor Software.

If you are looking for commercial support, you can talk to Mentor or Blue
Marble.  If you want customized support for PROJ.4 you could talk to me.
If you want a really clean code base you can munge as desired, you might
want to look at the geotrans code adapted in OSSIM or GeoTrans on it's
own (it's a little easier to understand than PROJ.4).

I would also like to stress that one way or the other, the world doesn't
need another way of describing projections.  If you do roll your own, at
least consider tieing into something like OpenGIS Well Known Text format
for describing your coordinate systems.

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